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What do people around the world say about SEABOB

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

Below you will find a summary of SEABOB enthusiasts around the world that have tried this luxury water toy and expressed their experience about the adventure.

If you came to visit Florida and are interested in things to do in Ft. Lauderdale for water sports, you came to the right place. Beach Ventures at Beach Place is the only place in the U.S. where you can rent SEABOBs off the beach. We are located right next to Lulu's and Hooters off A1A in Ft. Lauderdale Beach. If you are uncertain what exactly to expect from the SEABOB rental, read for yourself what SEABOB users around the world have to share.

“Oh my god if this is not on your bucket list PUT IT ON IT.... Fantastic wonderful exciting fun fun fun easy to do and I am 60 ( unfortunately haha ) will be doing it again before we leave ...Thank you all

"What an amazing and unforgettable experience! With SEABOB I find snorkelling is so much fun and free-dive is so safe and easy! Look forward to playing it next time!"

"If you ever get the chance to ride a SEABOB do it! It was EPIC FUN!!!!!"

"Best thing I have ever done on Vacation,I was worried it would be difficult, it wasn't. We loved every minute of it and would do it again and again"

We had never heard of Seabob before perusing TripAdvisor looking for activities. But this quickly became the highlight of our trip... it was SO MUCH FUN!!!! We have 2 boys (10 and 12) so safety is always a big concern for us in planning any excursion. The seabobs are incredibly safe! The guides are able to adjust the settings so there is a maximum speed and depth for each machine (in our case they allowed 60% of full speed and 8 feet dive depth. Any deeper and the engine cuts power). The machines are highly buoyant so if anyone lets go, they float to the surface. And, if your right hand leaves the throttle, the engine also stops. The guides gave us a detailed safety talk at the beginning and gave us time in shallow water to get used to the machines. These machines are a ton of fun to use in the water and so simple to use that kids and adults get used to them right away and spend 1 hour just having a ton of fun! Just book a seabob tour.... you won't regret it and it might just be the most fun you'll have on your vacation!!!

"As a kid I always imagined swimming like a dolphin. The Seabob simulated that feeling. It's super easy and intuitive. If you want to try something new, do this activity! You will get envious looks from the snorkel cruise groups as you zip by them. Don't get mad, get on a Seabob."

"Family of Four - Awesome Fun. Highly recommended. We are 2 adults and 2 teenagers. None of us are experienced in snorkeling. No problem, it was extremely easy and they provide all the instructions and equipment. We saw turtles and alot of fish. Very safe and not too far from the beach."

"ABSOLUTE BEST ACTIVITY. EVER!!!!I will never be able to go snorkeling again. All I want is the Seabob. All day, everyday. The only way to describe it is a combination of a jet ski and snorkeling. You use a small motorized device to propel yourself through the water as quickly or slowly as you like. It allows you to explore a much larger area than just snorkeling alone. We Seabob'd through large schools of fish, saw an amazing group of starfish (like 70 starfish just lying on the ocean floor all together), coral, everything. In between the sights we zipped over and under the water. It was the most fun activity we have ever done. It is worth every penny. Don't miss it."

"Wonderful part of our vacation. Saw the seabob advertisement towards the end of our vacation. Wish I had seen it earlier because we would have done it again. This was amazing. My entire family (20 + year old son and daughter and my wife) loved it. Highly recommended. The seabob makes it easier to cover a lot of area in a snorkel like environment while having a blast.

"NUMBER ONE IN WATERSPORTS!!! The seabob is awesome!!!! I really had a blast, especially driving it at the maximum speed underwater wawwww!!! The staff is great too, they explained everything and make you feel very comfortable. It's impressive at first but when you try it, you're surprised how great you feel! I would advice anyone who wants something different than simple snorkeling to try this! Better then snorkeling and scuba diving is the seabob for me!"

"Fabulous Watersport! Never before having done something like this, it was awesome. As a senior I wasn't sure what to expect. I had some reservations but they were soon put to rest. Staff is capable and safety conscious. I enjoyed my experience."

"Amazing!! I can't even put into words how amazing this was!! I have really really bad anxiety, but since it was my honeymoon and my husband likes doing excursions I agreed to let him pick something he really wanted to do and I would do it for him. When he picked seabob, I'm not going to lie I was petrified, well thank god I agreed to do it, the guide was absolutely awesome and made me feel safe and completely explained everything. My husband and I had an awesome time, the seabobs were so easy to use and a ton of fun!"

"Time of my life; Me and my wife thought it was a little pricey but after the trip it was worth every penny. Guides were awesome Will probably never experience anything like that again till I get back."

If you have any more questions; please shoot us an email. If not, what are you waiting for.

Book Now! See you in Ft. Lauderdale at Beach Place. We are looking forward welcoming you.

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