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What is SEABOB ?

SEABOB is an electric water vehicle that can operate on the surface as well as under water.

On the surface the SEABOB operates at 9 mph and in the water at 8 mph.

On a single charge the SEABOB can operate about 90 min. depending on how you drive it.

The display indicates the water temperature, the depth rate, the current power level, the battery life and temperature.

To operate and accelerate the SEABOB you simply hold the trigger on the right hand side and press the green button.

To navigate between power levels you either press the green or red button for acceleration or deceleration.

When the SEABOB is not in motion, the vehicle floats on the surface. 

The latest SEABOBs are equipped with HD video cameras which can records your under water adventures and pair with your phone via Wi-Fi, so you can download the video and share it with your friends instantly.

The SEABOB with CAM has two integrated cameras. One camera sits in the display the other one is located in the nose of the SEABOB in the front.

While renting the SEABOB you can record the marine life or take a selfie video. 


Safety is very important to us, therefore when you rent SEABOBs from us we will provide you with a pilot harness.

The pilot belt will allow you to safe your energy rather than holding onto the SEABOB for the time of the rental.

It also lets you be attached to the SEABOB so you are always floating on the surface while not in motion.

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